TA Week Door Banner Instructions and Examples

Thank you for volunteering to make a door banner! Questions/comments? Please contact us at teacherappreciation@walnutacrespfc.net.

Banners should be hung at the end of the school day the Friday before Teacher Appreciation Week.

    • Banners should be placed on the inside of the classroom door. Feeling stuck? Pinterest is invaluable or feel free to send us an email.

    • Background paper is currently being kept in the Office Copy Room. If you have any difficulty locating it, please ask the school secretary for assistance.

    • Please check & measure your door! Be aware: The paper is too wide for the door (needs to be cut to size or folded over). Most doors are about 79 - 80 inches down to the top of the door stop. Consider placement of door knob/handle, top spring, and door stop when designing your banner. Does your door have a regular handle or bar handle? Bar handles split the door horizontally, so the banner will need to be cut in two (will that work with your design?). Traditionally, classroom banners have covered the entire door, but there is no requirement to do so if you have a different design in mind.

    • Need letters or shapes? You're welcome to use the die cutting machine in the Office Copy Room. Construction paper is usually not available, so please bring your own or use the banner paper. The dollar store is often a good source of pre-cut letters.

    • You may use student pictures on classroom banners. Feel free to take your own or ask your teacher if s/he has any to spare (teachers are given a few sets of their students’ school pictures every year).

    • Though many banners cover the entire door, there is no size requirement! Feel free to use/modify any design that works for you.

    • Hang your banner after school the Friday before Teacher Appreciation week using blue painter’s tape to prevent damage to the doors. Please note: tape is not available through the office. If at all possible, please bring your own. If that's not convenient, please let us know beforehand - we're always on campus helping out and will have a few rolls with us.