International Fair

Our goal in creating "Small World, Big Dreams" is to introduce some of the amazing cultures and countries represented here at Walnut Acres. In doing this, we hope to bridge some of our differences and open minds to the beauty that all countries and cultures offer. We also hope it is a fun social opportunity for our families to spend time together while learning about other cultures. 

The Annual International Fair happens in April each year. Join Us!

We have over 30 countries represented each year and more than 50 families participating as Family Ambassadors. Family Ambassadors hosting each country will sponsor their own materials. A display board is provided for you. 

We also have cultural performances! Any performances showcasing your culture (dancing, singing, martial arts, etc) is welcome.

Questions? Contact 

We need volunteers!

1. Sign makers and digital artists to promote the event.

2. Volunteers for front booths (hand out passports and souvenirs) 

3. Setup-moving chairs, tables.

4. Set up stage and decorate.

5. Tables, chairs, microphone systems, speakers, and cords.

6. Donation of snacks, water, and crafts.