WA Recycle Club fundraiser

100% of the proceeds go to the Recycle Club to bolster awareness, sponsor field-trips, buy Recycle Club supplies for our school and beyond!

Pouches are made lovingly out of durable, lightweight denim and organic muslin, wooden buttons and cotton enclosures. They are custom crafted with the Walnut Acres Jaguar and Recycle Club logo. They are completely compostable too!

• The spork is stainless steel (18/10), machine-washable and super sturdy for everyday use!

• Using this spork daily (100+ school days/year) X-amount of years = many, many saved plastic utensils and plastic wrappers, which are NON-RECYCLABLE!

Thank you for your support of the Recycle Club and being a part of the change!

$15.00 (pouch + spork) / $10.00 (pouch only) / $5.00 (spork only)

You have the choice now between a stainless steel spork and a bamboo spork. Price is the same.

Find the order form in the attachment below! Please Email your order form to sustainability@walnutacrespfc.net