Teacher Appreciation

What is Teacher Appreciation?

The Teacher Appreciation Committee organizes breakfast or lunch every other month for our wonderful teachers and staff. The Committee relies on families to donate food and drinks for these events.

Teachers and staff enjoy time together sharing a healthy, delicious meal.

The Committee also coordinates activities during Teacher Appreciation Week in May 2-6, 2022. With the help of volunteers, we honor teachers and staff with colorful door banners and daily activities (which include various meals & special surprises). A parent volunteer from each class coordinates the banner for their child's classroom door; other volunteers (including parents, scout troops and students), make banners for the staff and program teachers.

How Can I Help?

Donate a specific food item (look for our table at Jaguar Day!), sign up to make a door banner, or receive help requests "as needed" from our email list. We have many opportunities to help, from making an entree to bringing ice! Please email us at teacherappreciation@walnutacrespfc.net.

Teacher Appreciation Week Information


Friday Banners are hung at end of the school day.

Monday Teachers and staff enjoy their beautifully decorated doors and breakfast in the lounge.

Tuesday Each student brings a flower or plant. Flowers will go into a vase for a class bouquet ( (vase provided by Room Parents).

Wednesday Teacher/Staff Catered Luncheon from Sunrise Bistro. Students wear their teachers favorite color as they walk and roll to school.

Thursday Each student brings a card, letter, or picture showing appreciation for their teacher.

Friday Teacher/Staff dessert buffet.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a yearly tradition at Walnut Acres. Please help us honor and show appreciation to the many people who make our school special!

One final note: Thank You! None of these events could happen without the generosity and support of our wonderful Walnut Acres community.