Lunch Patrol/First Aid

Lunch Patrol/First Aid volunteers are needed Monday thru Friday (except Wednesdays), 11:20 am -1 pm. If you cannot make your scheduled date, please switch with another parent and contact one of the Lunch Patrol coordinators with the person who is replacing you so the schedule can be updated.

For those new to Lunch Patrol/First Aid, please see the attached documents that will help guide you through the process.

During the shifts, every volunteer will help keep children safe in the lunchroom and on the playground. One of the volunteers will also be asked to help with the First Aid cart. The First Aid volunteer will take the First Aid cart out of the office, make sure it is stocked with cold packs and water, and place it at the end of the hallway, near the playground. At the end of the shift, please return the cart to the nurse's office. See attached documents for details.

If your scheduled shift is on a rainy day, please report to the MUR as usual at 11:20 am for first grade coverage (sign in at the office and get your LP vest first, of course!). After helping the children during lunch in the MUR, you may be asked to help out as a "Rainy Day Parent" in a classroom. A Noon Supervisor will let you know if LP needs to supervise a classroom (in the event a normally scheduled Rainy Day Parent is unable to do it). When the teacher returns, you will return to the MUR and resume your LP shift. The Noon Supervisor may also ask one of the LP volunteers to report to the office to help with any First Aid, since the First Aid cart will remain in the office on rainy days.

If you are a Rainy Day volunteer in your classroom AND it falls on the same day that you have volunteered for Lunch Patrol/First Aid, then you would report to the MUR for your LP shift and let the Noon Supervisor know you are also a Rainy Day parent. You would follow your child's class to their classroom for the remainder of the classroom's lunch recess and then return to the MUR to finish your LP shift and possibly help out another classroom (except 4th grade Rainy Day volunteers who will be in the classroom until the LP shift ends at 1 o'clock).

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