PFC Fundraisers

Why Does the Walnut Acres PFC Fundraise?
We fundraise to bridge the gap between public funding and the true cost of our children’s education at Walnut Acres. We raise funds to help pay for staff and programs that help strengthen our child’s educational experience.

Where Do the Funds Go?
Over 80% of our budget is used to pay for staff salaries: grade-level instructional aides, science lab aides, a STEM lab instructor, a Chorus instructor, a math intervention specialist and reading intervention specialists. These positions would not exist at Walnut Acres Elementary without PFC funds.

How Do We Fundraise?
Fundraising at Walnut Acres is pretty simple – we ask for $650 per child per year by direct donation to our Jaguar Fund, which covers 55% of our budget. We also ask for a donation of around $100 per child towards our Read-A-Thon and Walk-A-Thon fundraisers, and voluntary participation in our other community building fundraising events like our Gala Auction, online auction, book fair, and Shop & Earn options like dine & donate events. 

Did you know that only 4 major fundraisers this year will support over 50 personnel positions, activities and school support services? They are:
  • Jaguar Fund
  • Auction
  • Read-A-Thon
  • Walk-A-Thon
For questions about our financial information, please contact our Treasurer at, or attend a monthly PFC meeting.
Thank you for your participation in our fundraisers to keep our school strong!