Buy Your Walnut Acres 2020 Yearbook Now!!

go to:

enter school code: 10053 to purchase with credit card.

Prices will go up on November 1st to $35.00!

Upload your pictures for the yearbook:

1. go to: Enter school code walnutacres, fill in your contact information

2. Click "select images for upload". Click "Browse for Images".

3. Locate our images, click on them, then click "Open".

4. Enter the information for each image. Please include "grade(s) of students" and provide the teacher's name if known. For "student(s) shown", type N/A.

5. Click "upload images".

5th Grade Parents

Want to show your 5th grader how proud you are of them?  Purchase ad space in the yearbook and create your own special message. Information is located in the attachments below.

5th Grade Students

Do you want your art work on the cover of the yearbook?  Create a stunning piece of art following the directions in the attachment "5th grade cover art contest" and submit to your teacher of the yearbook box in the office to be considered.  All entries will be included in the book!

Any questions please contact the yearbook committee at 


Erica & Carrie                                                                                                                                    2019-2020 Yearbook Co-Chairs 

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