Drive Thru

The Drive-Thru area exists to facilitate the smooth and safe drop off and pick up of students in a timely manner. In the morning parent volunteers direct the traffic, open car doors, and greet students.  

Sign up to be a greeter on specific days via our NEW online directory here!

**Please remember to thank the parent volunteers for giving their time every week to make sure Drive-Thru runs smoothly and ensure your children are dropped off safely.**

Please follow these guidelines when using drive-thru/carline:

  • Drive carefully and slowly.  Respect and follow the directions of the volunteers
  • NO pedestrian traffic is allowed to cross thru the drive-thru.  Do NOT walk children from Cerezo Drive through the staff parking lot.  This is extremely hazardous.  Please use cross walk at the parking lot exit by the sidewalk to walk around and not thru parking lot and drive thru.
  • Drop off children curbside only and ONLY where there is a volunteer.  Children should be ready to exit the car when you pull up.  (Backpack ready and goodbyes said, then exit for a great day).
  • If you have already dropped off your student, please don't pass cars which are still dropping off or drive through the staff parking lot.  We've had many near-accidents from people doing this. 
  • Please refrain from stopping and waiting to watch your child walk to class.  Keep in mind other parents are waiting to drop their child off and this may hold up the line unnecessarily.  If you want to make sure your child gets to class, please park your car on the street and walk them in.
  • Do not park in the staff parking lot, red zones or cross-walks.  Cars parked illegally may be ticketed.
  • Stop at the stop signs.  Remember pedestrians have the right-of-way especially when they are our children.

Due to safety concerns, flyers may not be distributed in the Drive-thru area.  Posters may be held in the Kindergarten class area.  Please contact the Drive-thru Chair if you would like to hold up posters.

Crossing guards are stationed at the corner of Hutchinson and Walnut Avenue and at the corner of Blackstoneand Wiget Lane.  Please drive slowly through these areas and respect the direction of the crossing guards. 


Please remember NOT to leave personal items unattended in vehicles.  A purse left on the front seat of a car or laptop sitting on the backseat is a prime target for drive-by break-ins while working or volunteering at school.


Finally, please remember to respect the community around Walnut Acres by not blocking or parking in private driveways and by respecting Walnut Acres' neighbors' personal property. We truly value our local community.

We appreciate your attention to these details and cooperation to keep everyone safe.

Cathy Canillas & Sarah Waters, Drive-Thru Coordinators, and The School Office