Walnut Acres PFC - By the Numbers March 2019

posted Mar 26, 2019, 12:26 PM by PFC President

Hello Parents,

It's hard to believe, but we have entered the last school trimester and are on the down hill slide to the end of the school year! I want to take this opportunity to shout a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have supported our PFC fundraising and activities throughout the year.  We have had amazing success with our fundraisers and I thought you might be interested to see how we've done so far. 

For those of you who have never taken a long look at our PFC Budget and our fundraising goals, you might be interested to know that we are committed to raising nearly $400,000 each year.  The majority of these funds go toward amazing PEOPLE and the TOOLS we need to support them: our incredible Reading and Math Intervention Specialists, Classroom Instructional Aides, Science Aides, Site Technicians for our Co-Lab and many of the Co-Lab tools such as laptops, iPads, robots, and 3D printing. Additional funds are used to support the Science Lab and Science Fair, Art Awareness and Art Show, Vocal Music and annual Grade Level performances, Crossing Guards, Online Subscriptions such as iReady and Reflex Math, and some of our annual activities such as the Ice Cream Social, International Fair, and Open House festivities. 

Did you know the PFC paid for all these things?! Now that you know how your generous donations are spent, here's a look at what we've raised so far this year. We still have one more major fundraiser, the 3rd Annual Walk-a-Thon on Friday, April 19th, which will round out a very successful 2018-19 school year of fundraising!  

Jaguar Fund: $180,000 on track for $190,000 (goal is $195,000)

Corporate Matching: $25,000 (goal is $26,000)

Auction:  $138,000 (goal was $95,000)  Beyond Amazing!!!

Live Auction Fund-A-Need for 21st Century Classroom Furniture: $31,000

Readathon: $32,500 (goal was $30,000)

Walkathon:  Goal is $24,000  - Help us Reach It! 

Book Fair: $3,300 (goal was $2,000)

Walnut Acres Wednesdays (Dine and Donate events): $500

Other fundraisers that our students supported directly and went straight to specific community causes:

Pennies for Paradise:  $1200 sent to Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund  in response to the devastating fires in Paradise, California. 

Fifth Grade Girl Scout Troop "Water Bottle Wars": $1600.  The troop conducted a contest amongst the classrooms and ultimately collected enough money (mostly coins!) to purchase a water bottle filling station for Walnut Acres and another for a sister school, Ygnacio Valley Elementary.

Once again, THANK YOU to all of you for your generosity!  Walnut Acres is a pretty incredible place, but we wouldn't be able to do many of these things that make it so special without your donations of money and time!  To that end, we are currently placing parents in new PFC roles for the 2019-20 school year, and we hope you can join the team.  Take a look at the various roles that we are filling now. Is there one that speaks especially to YOU?! It's more fun to make great things happen when we are working with smart and interesting people like you. Want to join us?!

Have a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break!

Jill Ridlehoover

PFC President 2018-19