October 28, 2012

posted Oct 28, 2012, 9:47 AM by Nicole Padoan   [ updated Nov 6, 2012, 8:19 AM by Anna Saunders ]

This is a very exciting time of year and we have several events going on at Walnut Acres which promote our kids as readers this month. Our Book Fair is this last week of October, running from October 29 until November 2nd, and is the perfect opportunity to get wonderful books into the hands of your readers.    

Following the Book Fair is also our annual Read A Thon, one of our seven fundraisers for the year. Our goal is 100 percent participation on any level from every single Walnut Acres family.  We hope you will consider participating and walking beside your child as they set about to get lost in the world of books.  Kelly Gallagher, an educator and the author of many books in Education, including “Readicide,” notes that the greatest indicator of whether a student will go to college is how well and how often they read.  That is a sobering statement, but even more powerful than that is what books and reading can do for our kids.  Books allow our kids to take a deliberate stance toward engaging and responding with their whole hearts and minds.  Enter the reading zone and stretch their imagination, live other lives, and learn about their own, find prose and poetry so well written it knocks them out, experience and understand problems and feelings they might never know, find stories that make them happy and feed their soul, consider how writers have written and why, acquire their knowledge, ask questions, escape, think, travel, ponder, laugh, cry, love and grow up.

To round out these next few months of reading, we as a PFC also recognize the need to support not only the kids, but our parents as they raise 21st century readers.  Supporting our children in their reading goes beyond having them read aloud to us or asking them questions about the plot of the book.  That said, join us for the first of what we hope to be several topics of discussion which will allow us to “dig deep” as parents into ways that we can build our students’ reading lives for the 21st century.  This discussion will take place at our next PFC meeting on November 13th at 7 p.m. in the Walnut Acres library.  We are hoping to pack the house and take our first steps in this together.  See you there!