March 23, 2017

posted Mar 23, 2017, 12:01 PM by Vice President Communications

Hi Walnut Acres Parents,

Thank you to those of you who came to our PFC meeting on Tuesday night, and for celebrating our wonderful auction success!  We are in great shape for meeting our fundraising goals for the remainder of the school year.  

We are now focused on finding the incredible volunteers who are going to help us have a successful year -  next year.  There are some vital positions open that we need to fill soon, before we finalize our 2017-18 budget.  

  • Treasurer (or Financial Secretary)
  • Online Auction (Lead, Parent Buy-In Coordinator) - plus LIVE auction can happen if a full team comes together
  • Carnival

The Deadline to fill these important roles is Tuesday, April 11th!  Since these roles are linked to our budget, if they remain unfulfilled, we will need to discuss budget cuts at our April PFC Meeting.  See the full list of nominations and open positions here.  All nominees will be voted in at our May PFC meeting, along with the budget for the 2017-18 school year.  

Attached is a rough draft budget that was handed out at the March PFC Meeting. This will give you an idea of how much funding we must cut for any unfilled position, as we cannot budget for any Fundraisers with open positions. (Note that Carnival and Auction have line items under both Income and Expenses.)

If you are interested or have ideas of who may be perfect for these roles, please talk to a current Executive Committee member or contact me directly at

More details about the key positions can be found at the end of this message.

Thank you all for everything you do for our school. Your commitment is what makes our community such a wonderful place for our kids to grow up!  

In gratitude,

Cherise Khaund

PFC President 2015-17


In order for the PFC to continue funding vital services like our Reading Specialist, Teachers' Aides, Science Lab, Performing Arts, Technology, and more, we need to know how much money we will be able to raise next year.  In order to raise those funds, we need leaders and/or teams of leaders to take on some of our most vital fundraisers...  

Do you have financial and/or business experience that you'd like to share? There are three financial positions on the PFC Executive Committee - Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Financial Secretary. Right now,  two of those positions are filled.  However, one of those volunteers is willing to take on either Treasurer or Financial Secretary, depending on what YOU would like to do.  If you like strategic planning and creating budgets, Treasurer is your job.  But, if you'd prefer to collect the money from our fundraising events, post it to the proper ledgers, and deposit it in the bank, then Financial Secretary is for you. The Treasurer needs to represent the financial team at monthly PFC Executive and General Meetings, whereas the Financial Secretary should attend, but availability for meetings is not a deal-breaker! Neither role requires a CPA. 

Either one is available - which do you prefer?


Did you like the Online Auction this year?  Did you miss the Live Auction? If you love the time-honored tradition that is the Walnut Acres Auction, we need you! Whether it is live or online-only, the WA Auction is most do-able if there is a small army of parents taking on the many different jobs. Some of the primary roles are filled (Donations Co-Leads, Kids Buy-In Party Coordinator, and Teacher Treats Coordinator) but two key positions, Auction Lead(s) and Parent Buy-In Party Coordinator,are still open.  The Auction Lead(s) oversee the overall Auction planning and execution.  The Parent Buy-In Party Coordinator will work with several different groups of parents who offer to host parties at their homes or other locations, such as the Annual Wine Walk or the Halloween Bash.  

In addition, if the Auction Team decides to hold a Live Auction, they will have the opportunity to plan the event from the ground up - from theme/logo and decorations, to menu and music, to hiring an auctioneer and securing a location, etc.  Luckily, the past Auction planners have taken excellent notes and some are still available on campus to offer guidance, support and lessons learned. But, we cannot commit our PFC budget to a Live Auction without a fully staffed team.

Are you ready to gather your group of friends and tackle next year's Auction?


Do you LOVE the Carnival?  We would hate for our kids miss out on our annual Fall Carnival, but we need a team of parents to make it happen. You and a few of your trusted friends can team up to take on the carnival.  You wouldn't be planning from scratch - some of the leaders of past carnivals are available to share their expertise and have made lots of notes including a timeline, vendors, a budget, and jobs that need to be filled on the day of the carnival. This is a great event for a team that is willing and able to do a lot of work during the first few months of the school year. But once it's over, it's over! The tentative date of the 2017 Carnival is Sunday, October 22.