June 2, 2015 Message from new PFC President Cherise Khaund

posted Jun 2, 2015, 12:53 PM by Vice President Communications
Before the year is up I want to introduce myself to those of you who I may not yet know.  I write this from Africa, as I take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to have houses, electricity, clean water, and a stellar education for our children.

My husband Sandy and I have two daughters - Iris in 4th grade and Robyn in 1st.  You may run into us this summer walking our puppy (Tiger Lily), hiking at girl scout Diablo Day camp, or hanging out at Oak Grove Swim Club.  What struck us most about Walnut Acres when we arrived was how friendly and welcoming people were, and how much the parents do for the school.  From the drive-by-drop off, to in-class volunteers, from auction party planning to kids carnival, from science fair to book fair, the parents are actively making things happen.  

After visiting a Namibian village where the head man told me "education is the most important thing", I appreciate even more the community we continue to cultivate for our kids and families.  It truly does take a village, and I hope you will each consider how you can join us next year.

Thank you for the honor of entrusting me with the role of PFC President for the coming year,

Cherise Khaund
PFC President 2015-16