February 22, 2016

posted Feb 29, 2016, 3:14 PM by Vice President Communications
Hello Walnut Acres Parents,
What amazing inventors and scientists our students are... Congratulations to all our science fair participants and winners!   Our students are learning to be generous and thoughtful of others too.  They collected SO many pennies - showing that every little bit adds up to a lot for children's health.  These experiences are all made possible by YOU.  Your participation in our PFC survey, at meetings, and throughout the school means so much.   A special thank you to all who have contributed to the Jaguar Fund - see our Donor's Circle list here - and remember it's never to late to give to Jaguar Fund.  
The PFC executive board is trying out new ways to keep you informed, and recently posted a PFC infographic on our website and around school.   Our thermometer on the school wall this year shows our current progress on fundraising for ALL efforts, including Jaguar Fund, Gift wrap, Auction, Readathon and Golf.  
I do need to share with you this latest news on our finances:
PFC savings funds (known as "Strategic Planning funds") have been spent each of the last few years to maintain valuable programs even when expenditures exceeded intake. The Strategic Planning Committee has now met and officially determined what PFC budget-watchers knew was coming: The savings account is too small to continue drawing from the account for next year's PFC budget. They recommend that the remaining funds be kept for a "rainy day" account.  That could mean inevitable cuts to the 2016-17 PFC budget, and/or an increase in fundraising.    We will need to think long and hard about whether we are willing to cut items like our crossing guard or counselor, that we have paid for via savings in the past.
The good news is, we have a dedicated and tireless Grape Gatsby Auction team bringing you great deals, unique experiences, and an incredible party!  
Here are a few fun ways you can pitch in right now:
  • Bid on experiences and sign up for parties at the Online Auction here
  • Going to auction?  Plan ahead for the big Live Auction items:  will your family vacation in Mexico, Disneyland, Monterey or the Sierras?  How about a date to Fly High in Napa, see the Warriors courtside, or sail on SF bay?  And which friends will you bid together with on chef's dinner at Flemings Steakhouse or the Beauty Bash for 10?
  • Never been to auction?  buy a newcomer raffle ticket and you could win two tickets worth $160 and enjoy the fabulous Grape Gatsby with us!  Buy before Tuesday 6pm - we'll pick the winner at the PFC mtg.
  • Lastly, do you own a business?  We have 2 sponsorship opportunities left this year to get your name out to the community: Readathon and Golf.  Readathon's new website will feature business logos and links on the main page plus all 600+ student pages too.  Golf has sponsorships at levels from $100-$450.
You are all invited to come to our PFC meeting Tuesday night (7pm, library, with tea and treats).  We'll share details of finances and fun, as well as our Hot Topic of Safe Routes to School, with an action plan from the City about pending improvements to our crosswalks and streets.  National Bike to School Day is coming up May 4th! 
I feel so fortunate to be a part of this tremendously talented community.  See you Tuesday night!


Cherise Khaund
Walnut Acres Parent Faculty Club
"it takes a village..."