April 17, 2015

posted Apr 19, 2015, 4:02 PM by PFC President   [ updated Apr 19, 2015, 4:04 PM ]
Walnut Acres PFC Mission Statement:
The Walnut Acres Parent Faculty Club’s primary mission is to ensure the ongoing improvement of the academic education and experience for each child at Walnut Acres.  Through fundraising efforts, we can focus on maintaining and enhancing existing programs as well as developing new ones to make Walnut Acres a better learning community.

An Important Message from the PFC President and Treasurer…
The PFC Executive Board has been working tirelessly over the past months to find parent volunteers to chair the 2015-2016 PFC board.  We thank those parents who have already agreed to be a part of next school year’s team.  Having said that, here’s the bad news:  we are missing some key board positions which equate to a large dollar amount that we will not have next year if the positions are not filled. 
Auction committee lead positions:  Chair, Donations Coordinator, Party Coordinator and Closing Coordinator = minimum $65,000  

Directory = $7,500

Treasurer = $5,000 additional expense to outsource this function

What does this mean?  With over $300,000 in expenses (primarily made up of staffing), we will continue to eat into our savings, which is quickly depleting.  Areas that are subject to be discontinued next year are: Auction, Computer Lab, K-5 Aides, Specialists, Crossing Guards and Music.

We have an amazing group of parents who have formed a strong, close community.  As a community, we have always been able to pull together at the last minute to achieve our budget goals.  It is now the last minute.  If we cannot get these important positions filled ASAP, we will need to make some tough decisions about what we can afford next year.  If you ready to commit to making a critical difference, please contact Monica Chang at president@walnutacrespfc.net.  

You are invited come to our next PFC meeting on April 21 at 7p.m. where we will review the details of the budget.  Be an active parent in the planning for the next 2015-16 school year!

Monica Chang          Kathy Ringot 
PFC President          PFC Treasurer