April 11, 2015

posted Apr 11, 2015, 9:25 PM by PFC President   [ updated Apr 11, 2015, 9:36 PM ]
Greetings and Happy Spring Walnut Acres Families!  

What an amazing Auction and special thanks to all of the families who were part of the process.  Through our community’s collective generosity and hard work, the PFC Auction team raised well over their $65,000 budget goal for our children!

The next PFC meeting is schedule for Tuesday, April 21st at 7pm in the school library.  The next two PFC meetings will be an essential part of planning for the next school year.  We will present the proposed 2015-16 PFC Budget, discuss the plan for PFC spending and go over the open board positions.  The May PFC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th at 7pm.  I look forward to working together on these important decisions to support Walnut Acres’ success in the coming school year!

The PFC board members are now involved in planning for the next school year on all aspects of support and volunteerism.  All parents have the opportunity to volunteer within our school and are a vital part of Walnut Acres‘ success. The open positions such as the Auction team and Directory need to be filled or we will have to take them off the budget.  It will be a potential loss of approximately $75,000!

The open Executive Board positions are:
Assistant Treasurer

Additional open PFC Board positions are:
Auction Lead
Auction-Donations Coordinator
Auction-Back Office
Auction-Marketing & Communications
Directory Lead-Online Directory
Directory Advertising
Lunch Patrol
Music Enrichment
Nominating Chair-Lead and committee chairs
PFC Webmaster
PEP Coordinators-2 positions
Room Parent Coordinators-2 positions
Social Chairs-2 positions

Thank you to the Walnut Acres families who so generously share their time and talent, donate and work hard to provide our children an enriching experiences and help support Walnut Acres to continue to manage the high standards we want for our kids!  

Graciously your 2014-15 President,

Monica Chang