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2010-2011 Budget Information

Budget Process:

Budgets are initially developed by the treasurer and the financial secretary with the guidance of the principal, office manager, committee chairs, and the executive board. Once an initial budget is developed, it is presented in the April PFC meeting and discussed with the membership. Outcomes from the meeting are incorporated into the budget and a final budget is presented in the May PFC meeting to be approved. The May PFC meeting is a "general meeting"; therefore, all members present have a vote. Once the budget is voted on and approved, it generally will not change unless unforeseen circumstances arise, such as district cuts to Walnut Acres staff or programs. In the event the budget needs revision, the new budget is presented, discussed, and voted on at a general meeting by all members present.

2010-2011 Budget:

In the 2010-2011 year, the PFC is planning 7 major fundraisers, including WAEF (Walnut Acres Education Fund), Auction, Scrip, Read-A-Thon, Gift Wrap, Directory Advertising, and Golf Tournament (see 2010-2011 Budgeted Income Sources graph below).  Of these, 64% of the PFC's budgeted income is expected to come from our 2 biggest fundraisers, WAEF and Auction
It is important that each of these fundraisers not just make their budget targets, but exceed those targets to build our strategic funds accrual (Strategic Planning) for our future.

The following graph shows our major fundraisers as a percentage of the PFC's total budgeted income in the 2010-2011 year:

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Upcoming Key Dates:

9/6 - Labor Day (No School)
9/9 - Gift Wrap fundraiser starts
9/10 - Ice Cream Social (6:00 - 8:00)
9/21 - PFC Meeting

For the complete school calendar, click here.