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What is the Read-A-Thon?

The Read-A-Thon is a fundraiser that challenges students to use their most important academic skill, READING, to directly support our school. The money raised goes to sustain our PFC-funded initiatives such as grade-level aides, reading and math specialists, science aides, art awareness and vocal music.

How does Read-A-Thon work

 ·   Students set a reading goal (hours or minutes/day) for the 15-day reading period: Nov 18-Dec 2.

 ·    Students solicit sponsors to support their goal, via their personal webpage or in person.

 ·   Students and parents record pledges and log minutes on the Read-A-Thon envelope. TK – 1st grade   may include minutes read aloud to them by an adult. 2nd thru 5th grade may include minutes they read to a younger sibling or friend.

 ·    Students earn prizes based on hours read and money raised.

 ·    Sustained silent reading that students do in or outside of class DOES count at all grade levels. 

 ·    Teacher read alouds, when students are just listening in class, should NOT be included in                      reading time.

How do I collect donations?

1) Donate online via You will receive an email from containing a link to your child’s personal fundraising page. Our school's main page will be accessible as the event gets closer. More info to come.

2) Collect donations in person. All cash/checks should be turned in together with your child’s Read-A-Thon envelope. Checks should be made payable to Walnut Acres PFC with your child’s name in the memo line.

How do I earn prizes?

3 levels of individual prizes:

    ·    Bronze - raise at least $25 or read at least 1 hours

    ·    Silver - raise at least $50 or read at least 10 hours

    ·    Gold - raise at least $100 or read at least 20 hours

Schoolwide, grade level and classroom prizes:

    ·    Top 3 readers and top fundraiser in EACH GRADE LEVEL will also receive a special prize

    ·    Classrooms with 100% participation will earn a pizza party

    ·    All Gold Level achievers will be entered to win the grand prize

When are donations due and when are prizes distributed?

Donations and completed envelopes are due on TBD. Students will turn in their Read-A-Thon envelope (with pledges enclosed) to their classroom teacher. Prizes will be distributed TBD.

Questions? Please contact the Read-A-Thon Team at

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