Donors List 2012



2011 - 2012

The Walnut Acres PFC would like to acknowledge the generosity of our many parents, grandparents and friends who have joined the Donor’s Circle by contributing to the Walnut Acres Education Fund (WAEF) for 2011 - 2012.  Each contribution has truly made a difference in “Supporting Excellence” at Walnut Acres by providing funds to support Language Arts, Math, Science, Arts and Technology programs that benefit all our students and which might not otherwise be possible without WAEF.  We cannot thank you enough!  The following is a list of donors who have contributed a total of $137,167, (representing 72% of Walnut Acres families),  to the Walnut Acres Education Fund between July, 2011 and March, 2012*.  In addition to families mentioned here we would also like to thank all our anonymous donors as well as the many organizations and companies who, thru matching gifts, have also contributed to WAEF.

THANK YOU – the Walnut Acres PFC, students, teachers and staff


We are grateful to those donors who initiated matching gifts and increased the impact of their Education Fund donation. Matching funds were received from the following companies foundations, charitable funds and businesses.  Thank You!

*  Donor levels reflect the combined total of individual gifts and any corporate matching or employer payroll matching pledges received.  Donor lists may be revised periodically to reflect additional donations.  Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. Please notify Melissa Sunbury at or Kathy Vendel at of any omissions or errors so that corrections can be made and proper credit given.