Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does "PFC" stand for?
"PFC" stands for "Parent Faculty Club" of Walnut Acres Elementary. 
How does the PFC promote its mission?

The PFC sponsors many activities, fundraisers, programs and volunteer efforts throughout the year. Click here for a list of fundraisers and what they support.

Who Belongs to the PFC and are there membership dues?

Membership is automatically granted to the parents or legal guardians of children attending Walnut Acres Elementary School and the faculty of the school.  In lieu of membership dues, an annual revenue campaign shall be conducted at the beginning of each school year (Jaguar Fund).

What is the PFC Board?

The PFC Board is composed of parent volunteers, the principal and two teacher representatives. Parent volunteers serve as officers (PFC executive committee) and chairpersons for over 40 committees.  Over 90 parents currently hold PFC Board positions. 
What is the PFC Executive Committee?
The Executive Committee is comprised of the president, two vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary, financial secretary and principal.  The Executive Committee meets once per month and conducts routine business and makes recommendations to the membership on matters of major concern. 

How does the PFC Board get filled?

A Nominating Committee, coordinated by the Nominating Chair begins to meet in February each year.  This committee then seeks out nominees for each board position and presents a slate of candidates to be voted on at the May PFC meeting.

How can I get on the Board? 

PFC board positions are open to any Walnut Acres parent and do not require previous board experience.   We are always in need of volunteers for our PFC Board.  Contact if you are interested in getting involved.
How can I stay current with what the PFC is doing?
There are many ways to stay informed, all on this website.  Check the "Communication" tab for news related to the PFC and Walnut Acres.  Specifically, issues are openly discussed and voted on at our monthly PFC meetings, which occur on the third Tues. of each month at 7 PM in the Walnut Acres Library, unless otherwise noted.  All are welcome to attend and speak.  Minutes of these meetings can be found on-line.
How can I stay current with what is happening in our community that is related to the PFC?
It's all on this website!  Check the "Communication" tab for news related to our District, the city of Walnut Creek and our community at large. 
How does the PFC come up with its budget each year? 

Click here to learn about the budget process.

Where do the PFC's income and expenses come from and what do they look like for the current year?

Click here for a review of the current year budget.

What is the process for spending PFC funds?

Click here for an explanation of how PFC funds are spent.

What if I still have more questions about PFC finances or want to see the "Profit and Loss Statement" or "Balance Sheet?"

Click here for further financial information.