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Stay up to date on school events and deadlines with our bi-weekly Enews.  Enews is sent every other week via Konstella, our communication platform. Enews articles are due the Thursday before each release date. A reminder to submit Enews articles is sent to the PFC board several days before the articles are due. Articles should be sent to the Enews Editor at enews@walnutacrespfc.net.

Article Submission Guidelines:
  • Please submit articles in the text of your email (not as an attachment) and limit words to 150 or less.
  • Include web addresses and email addresses for more information.  Pre-linking is ok, or you may include the URL in parentheses.  
  • Any graphics you would like to use should be submitted as an attachment in a .JPG or .GIF format. 
  • All articles may be slightly altered, and are subject to the approval of the Principal and the PFC Vice President of Communication.  
  • Articles from individual students about class projects and fundraisers are subject to approval.  
  • Only articles directly related to Walnut Acres and approved PFC activities and budgeted fundraisers will be considered for inclusion.  Articles that do not directly relate to Walnut Acres will be added to the Community Announcements page on this website.
Click 2016 2017 PFC Communication Schedule for the Enews Release Schedule.  
If you have a Community Announcement to submit, please refer to the Community Announcement instructions.
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Issue #Archived pdf by date
01 2015 Aug 13 Enews 
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05 2015 Oct 5 Enews 
06 2015 Oct 19 Enews 
07 2015 Nov 2 Enews 
08 2015 Nov 16 Enews 
10 2016 Jan 4 Enews 
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14 2016 Mar 14 Enews 
15 2016 April 4 Enews 
16 2016 May 02 Enews 
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