Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Funds

When the PFC has revenues that exceed expenses at the end of the fiscal year, that excess is moved to an account called the Strategic Planning fund.  In doing this, the PFC sets that money aside for future expenses and establishes and/or builds reserves to be used later at the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee and approval of the PFC membership. 

The Strategic Planning Fund accounts are found in the “equity” section on the Balance Sheet.  The fund is made up of 2 accounts, “Allocated Strategic Funds” and “Unallocated Strategic Funds”.

Allocated Strategic Funds are those that have been allocated to be used for something specific.  Only those items that have been voted on by the PFC membership can be classified as “allocated”.  Unallocated Strategic Funds are those that have not been specified to be used yet.   These funds represent the PFC savings and what the PFC has available to spend on current or future needs.
Strategic Planning Committee
This committee is made up of the Principal, the PFC President, either the PFC Treasurer or Financial Secretary, 2-3 parents, and 3-5 Walnut Acres Staff members.  This committee meets monthly during the school year or on an as needed basis. 
Mission of the Strategic Planning Committee

It is the mission of the Walnut Acres Strategic Planning Committee to develop long term goals for the school which support and enhance student learning.  These goals are based on current research of effective programs and input from staff, administrators, and parents.  These goals address expansion of existing programs, implementation and support of new programs and facilities needs.  Goals are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis.  The strategic planning committee will be responsible for making recommendations to the PFC as to how the unallocated strategic funds will be spent and or saved.

Goals of the Strategic Planning Committee

The goals of the committee have changed a bit over time.  In recent times, with budget cuts, larger numbers of students per classroom, and the elimination or reduction of vital staff positions, the goals of the committee are as follows:

  • To help determine the needs, hours, and number of PFC paid aides helping in the classrooms.
  • To prioritize the needs of the school including staffing, technology/innovation, and student programs.
  • If possible, to establish a savings to maintain staffing, technology/innovation, and programs for current and future years.

In good economic times, the committee has typically worked on the following goals:

  • To establish savings to maintain programs in the event of budget cuts.
  • To provide funding to ensure technology is state of the art and obsolete computers and printers are replaced on a timely basis.
  • To provide funding to enhance current programs.
  • To provide funding to make capital improvements, including classroom supplies, classroom equipment, and school grounds.
  • To provide startup money for new programs.
  • To provide funding to ensure that WA teachers have training, supplies, curriculum materials, and support they need to be successful in the classroom.
To download a "Wish List" request form, click on the link below.  All completed forms may be submitted to the Strategic Planning file folder in the office copy room.  
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