2010-2011 Financial Information

The 2010-2011 year was a financial success for the PFC.  Our actual revenues exceeded our budget by over $116,000.  Thanks to all the parents, teachers, and communtity members who helped us reach and exceed our income goals by participating in our various fundraisers.  Even those activities that weren't designated as fundraisers managed to exceed their budgets. 
Our PFC committee chairs also did a fantastic job managing expenses.  In some cases, committees that operate as cost centers actually found creative ways to raise money to support their expenses and ended up making money for the PFC.  Overall, we were under budget in our expenses by over $21,000.
The following 2 graphs show, by major category, how the PFC did during the 2010-2011 year as compared to the budget.  In the income graph, most of the PFC's major fundraisers dramatically exceeded budget.  In the expense graph, actual expenses are under budgeted expenses in all categories.