Nominating FAQs

What is Nominating? 
Nominating is the process by which we fill our PFC Board each year. 

What is the Nominating Committee?
The Nominating Committee, comprised of 5 to 8 members, 1 being a non Board member, and coordinated by the Nominating Chair, begins to meet in February each year.  This committee seeks out nominees for each PFC Board position.  A proposed slate of candidates is presented at the April PFC meeting and voted on at the May PFC meeting.

Who can be on the Nominating Committee and how do I get on it?
Anyone willing to seek Board members can be on the Nominating Committee.  Contact the Nominating Chair if you are interested. 

What is the PFC Board?
The PFC Board is composed of parent volunteers, the principal and two teacher representatives. Parent volunteers serve as officers and chairpersons for over 40 committees.  Over 90 parents currently hold PFC Board positions. Click here for a description of committees and to contact current board members.

Who can be on the Board?
PFC board positions are open to ANY Walnut Acres parent and do not require previous board experience.   We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers for our PFC Board.

How do I get on the Board?
Notify any member of the Nominating Committee or the Nominating Chair if you are interested in keeping your current position, are interested in another Board position or are available for general nomination.

Who has priority over Board positions?
Priority is given to current PFC Board members that have served in the same position for less than 2 years in a row.  Holding a position for more than 2 years requires Board approval.  In this case, priority can be given to another person interested in that same position.  Requests are responded to in the order received and based on open availability of a Board position.

What does being on the Board and having your name on the PFC Directory mean?
It means you acknowledge that we need 100% of our families to commit to our children's education.  As a Board member, you are encouraged to attend all PFC meetings and if you choose your voting status to be "voting member", you are eligible to vote at any PFC meeting.

How long do Board positions last?
Board members are encouraged to hold their positions for 2 years.

What do I do if I have a particular skill that I do not see directly relating to any Board position or if I want to help out somehow but do not know exactly how?
We are ALWAYS in need of your skills, so please contact the Nominating Chair or the PFC President if you would like to discuss what you can add.  Whether you are on the Board, or not, we can ALWAYS find a way to put your expertise to good use!

What is the PFC Executive Committee?
The Executive Committee is comprised of the president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, financial secretary and principal.  The Executive Committee meets once per month and conducts routine business and makes recommendations to the membership on matters of major concern. 

Is the process different from the rest of the Board for filling the Executive Committee?