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PFC Volunteers Needed for 2021-22

Interested in Joining the PFC Board for the 2021-2022 School Year?
We need you! Our parent faculty club is a nonprofit parent group that relies on volunteers to power our students' education and support our school community. 
  • The PFC recruits volunteers in the spring for the next school year. We vote our new board members in at our May PFC meeting. 
  • PFC board positions are open to any Walnut Acres parent and do not require previous board experience. 
  • We ask that you commit to a 2-year term for PFC Executive Board Positions, and we recommend a 2-year commitment for PFC Committee Chair positions. 
Have more questions about volunteering? Visit Nominating FAQ's at the bottom of this webpage.

Open PFC Positions for the 2021-22 School Year


Executive Committee (2-year commitment)

All Positions on the Executive Committee have a Nomination! 

Committee Chairs (2-year commitment recommended)

Auction Team Members (one-year commitment)

Read-A-Thon - 1 current nomination, let us know if you are interested in being a co-chair

Book Fair Co-Chairs

Art Awareness Co-Chairs

Community Service Day Chair

Ice Cream Social Coordinator

Open House Coordinator

Social Coordinators (back to school coffee & holiday party)

School Supply Kits Coordinator
Shop & Earn Coordinator (, Sports Basement, Dine & Donate events)

Teacher Appreciation

Drive Thru Coordinator

PFC Want Ads - Current Open Positions

PFC Executive Committee (2-year commitment)
The 8 members of the PFC Executive Committee lead our organization and oversee our programs, activities and fundraisers. 

All Positions have a Nomination for 2021-22

PFC Committee Chairs (2-year commitment recommended)
A 2-year commitment to each chair position is highly encouraged. Auction positions are part of a one-year team.  

Auction Team - We have an Auction Lead Nomination, but still need team members! This is a one-year commitment. We must have an Auction Lead (or co-leads) and a Donation Lead (or co-leads) by our May 2021 PFC General Meeting, or we CANNOT include the auction income in our budget for next year. That means we can't use it towards staffing, and over 80% of our income goes to supplementing staff salaries at Walnut Acres. If you or anyone you know might be interested in leading our Auction team, please let us know! We are open to online, Gala, outdoor...the choice is yours! 

Parent Buy-In Party Coordinator (Part of Auction Team)- Manage our fun parent buy-in parties! In this role, you will work with parents who are interested in “donating” a party to the PFC- they run the event, and the ticket costs are donated to the PFC. Manage the parties in Konstella, advertise them, and advise the parent hosts on our process.

Teacher Treats Coordinator(Part of Auction Team) - Who doesn’t love treats from teachers? The teacher treats program allows our teachers and staff to donate a fundraiser. Think 5th grade movie night, or a Day as Principal. In this role, you will work with teachers and staff. The teacher treats will be offered through our online auction. 

Kids Buy-In Party Coordinator(Part of Auction Team) - Manage our fun kid buy-in parties! In this role, you will work with parents who are interested in “donating” a party for kids to the PFC- they run the event, and the ticket costs are donated to the PFC. Manage the parties in Konstella, advertise them, and advise the parent hosts on our process.

Read-A-Thon (need a co-chair)- You know the joys of a good book, let’s encourage our children to read! Chairs advertise, coordinate and run the Read-A-Thon in the fall of 2019. It’s two for the price of one…a fundraiser with an academic focus! 

Book Fair Chairs - Work with Scholastic Book Fairs to run an in-person or virtual book fair at Walnut Acres Elementary! You and a co-chair will coordinate the marketing, administration and parent volunteers for the Book Fair. This event is usually held in November. 

Shop and Earn - Have a little time in your schedule to book some simple ways to raise money for our PFC? Then Shop & Earn is for you! Manage our affiliates, including Amazon and Sports Basement. Coordinate a monthly dine and donate event for Walnut Acres Wednesdays. 

Art Awareness Chairs-  Walnut Acres PFC has an amazing, parent-run art program. An Art Awareness volunteer from each classroom presents an art lesson to their class once a month. As the Art Awareness Chairs, you will set the overall art class schedule, and coordinate and orient the parent volunteers. You will also order and maintain art supplies for the program. 

Art Show (need a co-chair)- The Walnut Acres PFC transforms our MUR into an amazing art gallery once a year each spring to showcase student artwork! Help our current chair work with the Art Awareness Coordinators, volunteers and teachers to plan and execute this wonderful event. 

Community Service Day- If a sense of community is important to you, we need a leader for Community Service Day, a community event sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek. This event takes place in the fall, and you would oversee the project at Walnut Acres Elementary. Projects could include painting, clean up, and gardening at the school site. You would arrange for supplies, recruit volunteers, coordinate the event with the city, and oversee the event itself.

Ice Cream Social & Open House- These events celebrate our Walnut Acres Elementary community! Sign up to host our Ice Cream Social to jump start our year in September, and finish out our year by coordinating a fun dinner and music at Open House in the month of May! 

Social Chairs- Who doesn’t need a cup of coffee after the first day of school drop off? The PFC Social Chairs organize an annual Back to School Coffee, and they plan and find a host for our December PFC Holiday Party, which is open to all parents and staff. Do you like to party plan? This one's for you! 

School Supply Kit Coordinator- Make back to school easy for all of our parents! Work with the teachers in the spring to create school supply kits for each grade, and then advertise to our parents so that they can purchase them. We currently work with School Tool Box, and a portion is donated to the PFC. 

Teacher Appreciation- Who doesn’t appreciate our teachers? We need 1-2 chairs to show their appreciation by organizing breakfast or lunch every other month for our wonderful teachers and staff, and coordinating the activities of Teacher Appreciation Week in early May. You would advertise, ask for donations and volunteers, and coordinate colorful door banners, meals and special surprises for the week.  


Drive Thru Chairs - If safety is your primary concern, consider chairing our Drive Thru! The drive thru chairs recruit for drive thru volunteers by grade level each month. The drive thru volunteers open car doors and greet our students in the drive thru in front of Walnut Acres each morning.  The Chairs establish the schedule, advertise for volunteers and send safety reminders. Safety First!

Nominating FAQs

What is Nominating? 
Nominating is the process by which we fill our PFC Board each year. 

What is the Nominating Committee?
The Nominating Committee begins to meet in January of each year.  This committee seeks out nominees for each PFC Board position.  Candidate nominations are voted into their positions at the May PFC meeting.

Who can be on the Nominating Committee and how do I get on it?
Anyone willing to help recruit board members can be on the Nominating Committee.  Contact the current PFC President if you are interested. 

What is the PFC Board?
The PFC Board is composed of parent and guardian volunteers, the principal and two teacher representatives. Parent volunteers serve as officers and chairpersons for over 40 committees.  Over 50 parents currently hold PFC Board positions. Click here for a description of committees and to contact current board members.

Who can be on the Board?
PFC board positions are open to any Walnut Acres parent and do not require previous board experience. We are always in need of volunteers for our PFC Board. We require a commitment of 2 years for Executive positions, and strongly recommend a 2-year commitment for chair positions. 

How do I get on the PFC Board?
Notify any member of the nominating Committee or email the current PFC president if you are interested in keeping your current position, are interested in another board position or are available for general nomination.

Who has priority over board positions?
Priority is given to current PFC Board members that have served in the same position for less than 2 years.  Holding a position for more than 2 years requires Board approval. In this case, priority can be given to another person interested in that same position.  Requests are responded to in the order received and based on open availability of a board position.

What does being on the PFC Board mean?
It means you acknowledge that we need 100% of our families to commit to our children's education.  As a board member, you are encouraged to attend PFC meetings and if you choose your voting status to be "voting member", you are committing to participating in votes at PFC meetings.

How long do PFC Board positions last?
Board members are encouraged to hold their position for at least 2 years. The Auction team is a 1- year commitment. 

What is the PFC Executive Committee?
The Executive Committee is comprised of the president, the vice president of activities, the vice president of communications, the financial auditor (formerly assistant treasurer), treasurer, secretary, financial secretary and principal. The Executive Committee meets once per month and conducts routine business and makes recommendations to the membership on matters of major concern. They also attend and run our PFC General meetings once per month. 

Is the process different from the rest of the Board for filling the Executive Committee?
The 7 parent volunteer members of the Executive Committee are nominated at the same time as the rest of the PFC Board, at the May PFC Meeting.  The PFC Executive Committee members are required to hold their position for a minimum of 2 years. 

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