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PFC Volunteer Recruiting

Do you want to join the PFC Team?  We'd love to talk to you!

Following are a few of the PFC Board positions still open for the 2017-10 school year. 

PEAK Representative

Are you a morning person?!  Do you walk to school and/or arrive early with your kids?  Do you like to open car doors and say Hello to parents and students?  We need a parent to take the lead on coordinating the Drive-Thru Volunteers who so graciously greet our families in the morning.  This year, each grade level be responsible for Drive-Thru for a month (for example, 5th grade parents will provide coverage in September, 4th grade in October, etc...) Thus, the Drive-Thru Coordinator just needs to ensure that parents sign up for the shifts (ideally 4 parents per shift). This is a year long commitment (2 if you dare!) and we need the Drive-Thru to be covered Monday - Friday from 8:40 - 9:00 am.  Fridays are generally "Father Fridays" and the dads take the lead at the Drive-Thru!
2017-18 Drive Thru Schedule:
August - PFC
September - 5th Grade
October - 4th Grade
November - 3rd Grade
December - 2nd Grade
January - 1st Grade
February - 5th Grade
March - 4th Grade
April - 3rd Grade
May/June - 1st and 2nd Grade
* * * 

If any of these positions sound like something you (or a group of friends) would like to take on, let us know asap. If you want more information about a specific role, email or talk to any PFC Exec Board Member

What is Nominating?
Nominating is the process by which we fill our PFC Board each year.  The Board includes the Chairs who lead all of our PFC-sponsored fundraisers and activities.  Very little would happen on behalf of the PFC at our school without these volunteers.  PFC Board Chair job descriptions can be found here.

Questions? Email Jill at

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions related to our Nominating Process

What does being on the Board and having your name on the PFC Directory mean?
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