posted Mar 1, 2017, 9:45 AM by Unknown user

New Community Program that Supports Local Students: Walnut Creek Saves

Walnut Creek Saves is a new community program designed to save residents energy and water and lower their monthly bills. Walnut Creek Saves is offered as a part of the City of Walnut Creek’s efforts to address climate change and reach sustainability goals.

Walnut Creek Saves helps build a stronger local economy by creating discretionary income which is spent locally and by offering training and paid internships in energy efficiency to local high school students. High school students are trained as Conservation Coaches to help spread the word about the program, encourage residents to save energy and water, and assist with home consultations.

Walnut Creek Saves is a free program available to all residents, homeowners or renters, which offers the following benefits: free home consultations where residents learn how to save energy, water and money and free access to an online energy saving account called EnergyCenter to encourage continued savings after the consultations.

The home consultations are geared towards showing the exact changes residents can make to have more energy efficient homes while receiving free efficiency products to jump-start the savings right away (like LED bulbs and low-flow devices). The program is not a sales call but rather a home visit to help residents save energy and water through habit changes and small upgrades. You can sign up today by visiting www.WalnutCreekSaves.org or by calling 1-800-314-5997.