Curtains Up Youth Theatre

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Just completed Kindergarten-2nd grade:
June 15-26, 2020     Disney The Movies The Music
Our  directors will meet with your performers on zoom for 1 hour each day (Monday - Friday). At the completion of the program, there will be a privately streamed live Zoom production. Each performer will have lines and solos which they will perform. Using this platform allows each performer to SHINE up close and personal!   
                                                         Please click here to register.

Just completed 3rd-5th grade:
June 15-July 2, 2020    Zooming Down Broadway 
This will be similar to our past Broadway Our Way productions where we do scenes and songs from a handful of musicals. This program will be a fourteen day program  where our directors will meet in the afternoons with your performers on zoom for 1.5 hours each day (Monday - Friday) and will culminate in two live streamed Zoom performances on July 1                                                                  and  July 2 at 7:00pm.   Please click here to register.

Entering Kindergarten:
 One week sessions beginning June 15.
 We are offering a 45 minute music appreciation class which will give students an   opportunity  to   start learning zoom in a fun, musical environment. This class will meet   Monday - Friday   from  8:00-8:45 for one week. Our first session will start June 15. The   second session will start on June 22.  Please click here to register.

 Customizable Zoomsical or Voice Lessons
If you have a group of 8-16 performers (all ages) who would like to do a musical together, let us know and together we will find just the right musical for your group and the exciting thing about this is you can invite friends who are anywhere (as long as they have wifi).  The possibilities are endless! Please reach out by email to CurtainsUpYouthTheatre@gmail.comif you are interested with the number of performers, their names and ages and we will find a musical that fits your group.

Zoom voice lessons are being offered by Mrs Ryken for $30 per half hour. Email to set up a time.  

If you have an interested performer who has just completed 6th-12th grades please reach out as we are currently developing programs for those ages.

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