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International Fair

 Get ready for this year's International Fair scheduled for Friday, March 22 from 4:00 to 7:30 pm!
Our goal in creating "Small World, Big Dreams" is to introduce some of the amazing cultures and countries represented here at Walnut Acres. In doing this we hope to bridge some of our differences and open minds to the beauty of which all countries and cultures offer. We also hope it is a fun social opportunity for our families to spend time together while learning about other cultures.

To date we have 33 countries represented this year, including 10 new countries this year (complete list below). We also have more than 50 families participating! Participations will be paying for their own materials except for a display board that will be provided.

 NEW THIS YEAR: Cultural performances! Any performances showcasing your culture (dancing, singing, martial arts, etc) is welcome. Please submit your idea on Konstella in the link below. Please note that you will need to bring your own music and materials, and performances are limited to 5 minutes maximum and no more than 2 performances per country. Indicate your preference at:


Please see the Konstella signup for details:

 1. Sign makers and digital artists to promote the event.

2. Volunteers for front booths (hand out passports and souvenirs

3. Setup-moving chairs, tables.

4. Set up stage and decorate.

5. Tables, chairs, microphone systems, speakers, and cords.

6. Donation of snacks, water, and crafts.


Participation Guidelines

 Please meet with the other people from your country or region to plan your table.



 Make a country introduction board. The board can include facts about the country and the culture (geography, population statistics, notable achievements, historical facts, etc.). The school will provide a science board for each country.

 Make one poster for each group to promote the event in advance.   



 Provide snacks/foods for sampling (to be served out of 10 oz. containers). Please describe and label foods well to ensure food safety for those with food allergies. We will also send out guidelines for "best practices food handling" to ensure proper storage and serving of food (i.e. time, temperature, use of gloves, proper sanitation and cross-contamination, etc.) at a later date.

Bring traditional clothes. If so inclined you may allow the kids to try on and take selfies.

Do an art/craft (e.g. origami)

Play a traditional game

Dispay flags, toys, and play music or videos (on a laptop or ipad). 



     1.   Each child will receive a passport and a bag at the entrance booth.           Each child will receive a stamp on their hand (to ensure they received          their passport) and follow arrows on the ground leading them around the        "Small World". 

2.   Kids will stop at each booth to learn facts about each country, experience different activities and try different cuisines, earning a stamp on their passport when complete. 

3.   When the kids have visited all 33+ countries they will be eligible for one souvenir.

    4. View the cultural performances.



Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, China, Colombia, El Salvador,Estonia, France, Gambia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey. (We have 10 new countries joined this year-Argentina, Colombia, Estonia, Gambia, Greece,Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and potentially several more!

if you have any questions or want to add your country on the list. Thanks!!